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The first Blockchain
Shipping Service

Get the Siftli Token and use it to pay for shipping

You will be able to buy at many local shops in your area and help their businesses

Send and receive packages tracked by the blockchain

Be a freelancer and earn extra income by sending parcels

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Siftli is a decentralised platform for sending and receiving packages.

E-commerce, local businesses and individuals can send goods to every destination while tracking every package in the Blockchain.
The Blockchain based token provides the security to users and trusted delivery partners.
An inclusive work environment that unites cities and people in combination with decentralisation.

This is what Siftli stands for.



2021 - Q3

New Website
App designs
Private funding and pre sale
Public Token release
Creating social media and marketing
Apps and dashboard development
Making partnerships with local businesses and marketplaces
E-commerce partnerships

2021 - Q4

Alpha and Beta testing Android and iOS app
Releasing Tracking Dashboard
Getting more Partners
Getting listed on big exchanges
Staking Siftli Token
 Wider Marketing
Hiring more developers
Providing crypto payments in app

2022 - Q1

Official Launching the Siftli APP
Huge marketing
Releasing particular market
Arranging Bike/electrical bus and
electrical vehicles lease deals for our delivers
Integrating into Shopify and
other e-commerce platform providers
Releasing Siftli token on Ada network






Lead blockchain engineer,
business development

Business strategist,
UI / UX and graphic designer

Head of marketing,
business development

web and app developer

marketing analyst

blockchain developer

marketing strategist

highly skilled developer



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